MCSA Woodward Plaque

This award is determined from the results of regatta evaluations completed at each scheduled event to determine the “Best Run Event”. To be eligible an event must have more than five schools attending, evaluations must be more than eighty percent complete and from a minimum of seventy five percent of the schools attending. The winning Member School is engraved on the Woodward Plaque each Year and announced at the annual meeting. The Woodward Trophy plaque was donated by Robert “Woody” Woodward of the Iowa Sailing Club in January of 1992.

Year Team Winners Results
1991 Miami of Ohio Spring Double handed Regatta
1992 Iowa
1993 Marquette
1994 Not Awarded
1995 Northwestern Michigan MCSA Women’s Championship
1996 Detroit Yacht Club MCSA Sloop Championship
1997 Wisconsin MCSA Team Race Championship
1998 Marquette Spring Laser Regatta
1999 Iowa Fall Area West Elimination
2000 Ohio State Fall Area East Elimination
2001 Minnesota Streufert Cup Memorial Team Race
2002 Minnesota Streufert Cup Memorial Team Race
2003 Iowa Iowa Spring Regatta
2004 Indiana Hoosier Daddy
2005 Ohio University BYOB
2006 Michigan State No Name Regatta
2007 Michigan Cary-Price Intersectional
2008 Minnesota MCSA Dinghy Championship
2009 Michigan State Cedarfest
2010 Chicago Match Race Center MCSA Match Race Championship
2011 Detroit Yacht Club MCSA Sloop Championships
2012 Wisconsin Fall Fury
2013 Notre Dam Freshmen Icebreaker
2014 Minnesota Streufert Team Race
2015 Bayview Yacht Club MCSA Match Race Championship