MCSA Katherine A. Fellows Trophy for the Women’s Singlehanded Championship

The MCSA Women’s Singlehanded Championship was created 1994 to provide District elimination for the ICSA Women’s Singlehanded Championship to be held for the first time that same year.

The Katherine A. Fellows Trophy is an eight inch Waterford Crystal Vase mounted on top of a walnut base by George Griswold in 2001. The Trophy honors the service of Katherine A. Fellows a member of the ICSA Hall of Fame and Intersectional Regatta Coordinator for the MCSA from 1970 to 1997.

Year Name School Results
1994 Bridget Murray Notre Dame
1995 Bridget Murray Notre Dame
1996 Stephanie Doyle Notre Dame
1997 Stephanie Doyle Notre Dame
1998 Stephanie Doyle Notre Dame
1999 Kelly Reese Miami
2000 Kelly Reese Miami
2001 Kelly Reese Miami
2002 Anne Porter Wisconsin
2003 Lindsay Allen St. Thomas
2004 Lindsay Allen Wisconsin
2005 Christina Falcone Michigan
2006 Lindsay Allen St. Thomas
2007 Lauren Knoles Michigan State
2008 Lauren Knoles Michigan State
2009 Christine Porter Wisconsin
2010 Allison Prange Minnesota
2011 Lauren-Alyssa Knowles Michigan State
2012 Alison Kent Minnesota
2013 Alison Kent Minnesota
2014 Alison Kent Minnesota
2015 Leslie Poole Wisconsin
2016 Elizabeth Reeg Hope College