MCSA Student Leadership Award

The Gail M. Turluck Student Leadership Award is established to recognize an MCSA undergraduate whose leadership causes extraordinary achievement within a club, team, district or the ICSA. The individual must have made a significant contribution that will result in long-term organizational improvement. Fellow sailors make nominations to determine the recipient and the individual is recognized at the annual meeting. This individual is also the Conference’s nominee for the ICSA Student Leadership Award.

Year Name School Results
2015 Elizabeth Reeg Hope College
2014 Rebecca Jegier University of Notre Dame
2013 Abbey Barnes Grand Valley State
2011 Ben Otten University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
2010 Nicole Coleman Purdue
2009 Tod Reynolds Northwestern
2008 Tod Reynolds Northwestern
2007 Jordan Gourash Ohio University
2006 Ryan Lashaway Owens
2005 Adam Naramore Purdue
2004 Jen Gaker Indiana
2003 Steve Bauer Ohio University