MCSA Commodore’s Plaque

The Commodore’s Plaque honors those individuals who have served the Association as its leader through the donation of time and service. The names of all MCSA Commodores are recorded on this plaque that was constructed in 2001 by George H. Griswold and also received support from Mike Moes and Gail Turluck.

Year Name School Results
1949 Warren Weiant Ohio State
1950 Warren Weiant Ohio State
1951 James Roberts Purdue
1952 Donald Mc Vittie Michigan
1953 Robert Allen Michigan
1954 Gerald Graham Cincinnati
1955 Rufus Roberts Purdue
1956 Rufus Roberts Purdue
1957 Bruce Goldsmith Michigan
1958 E. Dexter Thed Michigan
1959 Tom Johnstone Wayne State
1960 John Goldsmith Michigan
1961 James Kuras Notre Dame
1962 John Baldini Ohio State
1963 Ron Rostorfer Purdue
1964 Terry Timm Michigan
1965 Robert White Ohio State
1966 William Parker Kent State
1967 Karen Christensen Michigan
1968 Richard Doyle Notre Dame
1969 Greg Haskell Xavier
1970 Margaret E. Robinson Cincinnati
1971 Timothy Flood Notre Dame
1972 Bruce D. Nelson Michigan
1973 Paul F. Siegel Jr. Xavier
1974 John D. Reys Ohio State
1975 Bruce J. Marek Notre Dame
1976 T. Park Mc Ritchie Toledo
1977 Rebecca M. Johnson Iowa
1978 Matthew V. Fisher Miami of Ohio
1979 Richard E. Lucas Cincinnati
1980 Alan A. Mc Cormack Illinois
1981 Blake Middleton, III Green Bay
1982 William J. Petersilige Miami of Ohio
1983 Frederick W. Hunger Ohio Wesleyan
1984 Hans C. Birkholz Minnesota
1985 Daniel J. Dressel Notre Dame
1986 Eileen M. Kinney Michigan
1987 Timothy J Forderer Toledo
1988 D. Bryce Dryden Purdue
1989 Paige E. Cooper Notre Dame
1990 Bruce S. King Purdue
1991 J. Douglas Dykhouse Michigan
1992 Daniel D. Irvine Miami of Ohio
1993 Craig H. Gabel Michigan State
1994 Katherine Dowding Northwestern
1995 Sonja L. Olendorf Western Michigan
1996 Brien Fox Notre Dame
1997 Tom Campbell Michigan
1998 Stephanie Doyle Notre Dame
1999 Michael Moes Ohio State
2000 Liam S. Cavanaugh Northwestern
2001 Kelly S. Reese Miami of Ohio
2002 C. Anne Scheuerman Minnesota
2003 Thomas D. Martin Michigan
2004 Alexander Symes Minnesota
2005 Cate Muller Marquette
2006 Jocelyn Pollak Miami of Ohio
2007 Casey Ray Michigan State
2008 Katrina Barnes Miami
2009 Tod Reynolds Northwestern
2010 Margaux Stutz Wisconsin
2011 Geoff Pedrick Northwestern
2012 Brendan Boylan Wisconsin
2013 Thomas Sorenson Wisconsin
2014 Brian Tobelmann Wisconsin
2015 Whitney Kent Wisconsin
2016 Jacob Bruce Northwestern