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***Erika Reineke '17 is the NEISA Women's Sailor of the Week***
***Alp Rodopman '17 is the NEISA Sailor of the Week***
***Donahue and Bohan are the NEISA Women’s Sailors of the Week***
***Stewart and Omura are the NEISA COED Sailors of the Week***
The ICSA Championship Committee unanimously accepted a revised bid from College of Charleston, and the ICSA Executive Committee as approved the Charleston 2017 bid, essentially advancing Charleston's hosting of the championships to 2017 from 2018. After the ICSA Executive Committee's initial approval, College of Charleston's Greg Fisher was able to obtain the support of the Charleston Convention and Visitors' Bureau and the adjust dates to the traditional timeframe that had originally been scheduled for 2017.
**Steadman, Ito, and De Havenon are the NEISA Women’s Sailors of the Week***
***Reineke, Bohan, and Ferraris are the NEISA Sailors of the Week***