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Benefactors's a

MCSA Benefactors’ Trophy for the Men’s Singlehanded Championship

The original MCSA Singlehanded Championship Trophy was donated by several former MCSA Commodores. The trophy recorded the names of the MCSA Commodores from 1948 to 1968 as well as the winners of the Single-handed Championship between 1960 and 1968. However, over that period of time the trophy was broken and not repaired.

In 2000 George Griswold built the current Benefactors’ Trophy. The trophy is a copper sailboat sculpture done by Gordon Isco in 1982 in a glass case on a walnut base. His daughter Gina Isco was a member of the MCSA Executive Board that year. The sculpture was given to George Griswold by the 1982 Executive Board for service to the MCSA and in the Fall of 2003 a bottom layer was added to the trophy on which six circular emblems were attached to honor the Benefactors of the MCSA: The Chicago Yacht Club, The Detroit Yacht Club, Harken Yacht Equipment, North Sails, Patricia K Sullivan Memorial Trust, and Vanguard Sailboats.

2016 James Harvey Washington University
2015 James Harvey Washington University
2014 James Harvey Washington University
2013 Matthew Ripkey Wisconsin
2012 Andrew Fox Wisconsin
2011 Andrew Fox Wisconsin
2010 Andrew Fox Wisconsin
2009 Matthew Thompson Minnesota
2008 Ryan Lashaway Toledo
2007 Ryan Lashaway Owens
2006 Tyler Andrews Indiana
2005 Mark Dunsworth Minnesota
2004 Chad Rechcgyl Marquette
2003 Adam Dunki-Jacobs Ohio State
2002 Tim Krech Minnesota
2001 Adam Dunki-Jacobs Ohio State
2000 John Porter Wisconsin
1999 Geoff Kimmel Purdue
1998 Kai Skvaria Michigan
1997 Paul Kaseburg Notre Dame
1996 Luke Raymond Michigan
1995 A.J. Morris Marquette
1994 Craig Gabel Michigan State
1993 Ryan Mc Laughlin Michigan
1992 Craig Gabel Michigan State
1991 Blair Dryden Purdue
1990 Christopher Brown Michigan
1989 Christopher Carroll Michigan
1988 Christopher Carroll Michigan
1987 Andrew Burdick Wisconsin
1986 Michael J. Fauqust Wisconsin
1985 Mark Pettee Ohio Wesleyan
1984 Scott Ferguson Michigan
1983 Scott Ferguson Michigan
1982 Scott Ferguson Michigan
1981 Henry Filter Ohio Wesleyan
1980 Phillip Reynolds Notre Dame
1979 David Chapin Southern Illinois
1978 David Chapin Southern Illinois
1977 Timothy Boucher Ohio State
1976 James Reynolds Notre Dame
1975 Tom Armantrout Wisconsin
1974 Derrick Fries Michigan State
1973 Bruce D. Nelson Michigan
1972 Fritz Hanselman Ohio Wesleyan
1971 Greg Norris Wisconsin
1970 Richard T. Doyle Notre Dame
1969 Richard T. Doyle Notre Damev
1968 James Hahn Ohio Wesleyan
1967 Robert Kuehlthau Wisconsin
1966 William Parker Kent State
1965 Robert Kuehlthau Wisconsin
1964 Paul Henkel Wisocnsin
1963 James Henkel Wisconsin
1962 Charles Miller Wisconsin
1961 Theodore Seaver Wisconsin
1960 Ronald Marshall Ohio State